Boscawen Town History

A Chronological Register of Boscawen, from 1732 – 1820 by Ebenezer Price


 The History of Boscawen and Webster, From 1733 to 1878 by Charles Carleton Coffin


History of Boscawen – Webster Fifty Years; 1883 – 1933 by Willis G. Buxton


The Boscawen Historical Society published a town history in 1983, copies are available for purchase at the BHS Museum.

History of Boscawen and Webster 1878 – 1933 by Willis Buxton was reprinted by the Society and is available for purchase at the BHS Museum.

Walter Theo Silver’s “From the Kings Plantation To Home Town Heritage” is currently out of stock.

Some of the surrounding towns.

History of Penacook From It’s First Settlement in 1734 up to 1900 David Arthur Brown 1902


The History of Salisbury New Hampshire, From Date of Settlement to Present Time by John J. Dearborn 1890


The History of Warner New Hampshire for One Hundred Forty Four Years, From 1735 – 1879 by Walter Harriman 1879


Life and Times in Hopkinton N.H. by C. C. Lord 1890


History of Canterbury New Hampshire, 1727 – 1912 by James Otis Lyford 1912


History of Concord New Hampshire Vol. 1 & 2 James O. Lyford 1896


The History of Concord from it’s First Grant in 1725, to the Organization of City Government in 1853, 1856 Nathaniel Bouton


History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire