Standard Bearer – Fisherville N.H. – July 5, 1881

In 1880 the Rev. J. H. Larry assumed the position of Principal of the Penacook Academy in Fisherville, N.H. and established the “School of Practice”. For the next three years the school published a semi-monthly newspaper called “Standard Bearer” which had a circulation of around 1,000 copies per printing. In 1883 the school closed and the newspaper was no longer published.

UntitledThe listing from the 1883 edition of Rowell’s American Newspaper Directory.

Published Fortnightly   –  By the “School of Practice”   –  FISHERVILLE, N. H.

“Here we unfurl our Standard, and enter the ranks of Virtue against Vice, Knowledge against Ignorance, Labor against Idleness, Truth against Skepticism.”

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Fisherville Standard Bearer 1881