We the undersigned………..

A petition written during the early to mid-1800's requesting the Select Men of Boscawen not to license tavern keepers that run "disorderly houses".

To the Select Men of Boscawen

We the undersigned being inhabitants of said Boscawen, are conscious that the Laws relative to Taverners and retailers have not been duly observed, we fear that many of our young men are forming bad habits, wasting their time and spending their money and perhaps destroying their Souls! and it is evident that some families suffer in consequence of these evils which prevail among us. We therefore think it our incumbent duty to notify you of the danger of granting licenses to those who keep disorderly houses, to prevent

Which we request you not to grant Licenses for Taverners and retailer to any person excepting those who have good orderly houses agreeable to the Laws of the State of New Hampshire

Nehemiah Cogswell

Isaac Chandler

Samuel Choate

Joseph Ames

Jacob Gerrish


John Geenough

John Cogswell

Ephraim Plummer

William H. Gage

Jeremiah Morrill

Joseph Atkinson

Daniel Carter Jr

Simeon Atkinson

Ezekiel Webster

George Jackman

Theodore Atkinson

Jeremiah Gerrish

Joseph Morrill

Enoch Gerrish Jr

Royal Choate Jr

Samuel Mo…….

Enoch Gerrish

David Flanders

Samuel M Durgin