Penacook Academy

The first meeting held for the purpose of organizing an institution of higher education in what is now Penacook, convened at the Washington House, December 21, 1865. The following year the Penacook Academy was established and a building erected on land donated by William Hazeltine Gage.  

In 1875, the name was changed to Penacook Normal Academy, and again in 1880 to Penacook Academy and School of Practice, which ceased operations in 1883.

Two years later in 1885, the buildings were sold to the District No. 14 school district and served as the grade school until 1910. With the formation of the Penacook Union School District in 1907 it later became the home of the Penacook High School.

In 1936, Penacook High School moved to Washington Street in Penacook leaving the building to become the Boscawen Elementary School.

In 1995, a new elementary school opened and once again, the building was renovated and became the Boscawen Municipal Facility, which is home to the Boscawen Public Library, Boscawen Police and the Town offices.