The Boscawen Stamp

Worcester Webster, a cousin of Daniel Webster, served as postmaster in Boscawen from February 5, 1841 to January 15, 1852. In 1846 he created a “Provisional” postage stamp that was attached to an envelope addressed to Miss Achsah French, a 14 year old relative of Webster’s who lived in Concord. The stamp was dull blue […]

Weir Family Farm

In March 1969, Mr. Elmer Carl Anderson, husband of Isabel Weir, compiled this brief history of the Weir family’s arrival in Boscawen. Their story begins in 1854 when James Weir and his sister Olivia purchased a little over 31 acres of land in the area off present day Weir Road, off from Queen Street. By […]

Moses Gerrish Farmer

by Steven Green Born February 9, 1820 to Colonel John and Sally (Gerrish) Farmer in Boscawen, New Hampshire, Moses Gerrish Farmer was an inventor and pioneer in the field of electricity. He attended Phillips Academy, Andover MA in the autumn of 1837 and later Dartmouth College in 1840. He was soon teaching at the Academy […]

Foote, Brown & Co.

 by Steve Green One of the most successful businesses in the village of Penacook, it was built in 1855 by brothers, H.H. and J.S. Brown. The store was located on the spot the Davis and Towle building now sits. Through the years it had a number of proprietors, one of the first was a gentleman […]

Stone Porch Lodge

              by Elaine Clow The Marshall family owned a large poultry farm, and with it a guest house called Stone Porch Lodge, where they took paying guests.  They also ran fruit and vegetable markets and grew strawberries.  Now they have pumpkins.  Ken says: “Walter Marshall moved to Center Strafford […]

Charles Carleton Coffin

Boscawen’s Historical Author, and more   By:  Elaine Clow     The stone and bronze plaque at the front of Jim and Sue Richardson’s Ice Cream Emporium reads:  “Birthplace of Charles Carleton Coffin, Born July 26 AD 1823, Historian of Boscawen, Author, War Correspondent “Carleton,” Legislator, and Business Man, One who loved and respected his native […]

Who is E. G. Cate?

Written by Willard E. Flanders in 1912, Grandson of Josiah Flanders Erwin G. Cate was a Civil War veteran. He was wounded at the battle of Gettysburg. After a partial recovery, he was discharged from the army and came to Boscawen and purchased a farm from Josiah Flanders, another veteran he may have met while […]

Mattie Pillsbury

Martha Susan Pillsbury (Mattie) was born in Boscawen on February 15, 1836, the daughter of Deacon Joseph Pillsbury, who had just moved to Mount Pleasant Farm (still standing on Goodhue Road). Mattie Pillsbury was a student at Castleton, Vermont Seminary on February 15, 1852, her 16th birthday, the day she started her diary. Three years […]

The Boscawen 1913 Guy Lowell Library

By: Elaine Clow, Trustee Boscawen Public LibraryLibrarian, Boscawen Historical SocietyRecording Secretary, 1913 Library Restoration Committee The Town of Boscawen voted to adopt the Public Library Act at Town Meeting in March 1892, and Library opened in the Town Hall in 1893. Conditions in Town Hall became congested, “so it was hailed with joy when it […]

Panama Hat’s in Boscawen N.H.?

A Standard Panama Hat – Elaine Clow, Librarian, Boscawen Historical Society A request came in from a descendant of the Raymond family that owned the Tannery at the intersection of Raymond Road and Route 4 in Boscawen.  It was to find out whether or not Palm Leaf hats were manufactured in New Hampshire, and more […]