First Bridge Over the Contoocook River

Although the proprietors, soon after settling the town, had chosen a committee to construct a bridge across the Contoocook River, nothing had been done in regard to it. All communication between the towns of Concord and Boscawen was by ferry; but it was now resolved to construct a bridge. Both towns engaged in the enterprise, sharing equally in the cost, although the site selected for its construction brought it wholly within Boscawen. It was located in the bend of the river, above the Harris woolen mill, near the residence of Capt. John Chandler, in 1765.

The builders were John Flanders of Boscawen, and Henry Lovejoy of Concord. The contract specified that it was to be constructed with ” king posts ” and ” long braces.” It was the first bridge that ever spanned the Contoocook.










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