Proprietors First Meeting

The first meeting of the proprietors was called by John Coffin, and was held at the house of Archelaus Adams, in Newbury, on the 2nd of May, 1733.

‘ The proprietors as grantees of the plantation lately made & granted by the great and General Court of his Majesty province of the Massachusetts bay in New England of a tract of land seven miles square above Penecook on the west side of Merrimack river, John Coffin by virtue of an order to him directed from the above said great and General Court did warn and give Notice to ye grantees of the above said plantation to assemble and meet at the house of Mr Archelaus Adams in Newbury to choose a moderator and clerk and to make such, needful orders and rules as may be proper and needful to bring forward the settlement of said plantation according to ye said courts directions; and according to said warning we met at said Adams house on the 2 day of May 1733.

” Lieut George little was chosen moderator for said meeting.

“Joseph Coffin was chosen clerk for the above said Grantees and was sworn then to the faithful discharge of his office by Richard Kent justice of the peace.

” Joseph Gerrish Esq, “William Ilsly, John Coffin, Joshua Noyes, & Tristram little, were chosen a committee to take a plan of the plantation aforesaid & make return of their doings to the above said great and general Court and the committee were all so empowered to warn a meeting of said grantees as they should judge needful.

” Mr Daniel Hale was chosen treasurer for said proprietors.

“Mr John Weed was chosen collector for said proprietors.

– Voted that the proprietors of the aforesaid plantation shall pay five pounds a piece towards the laying out and settling the aforesaid plantation &c. This was put to vote by the moderator & it passed on the affirmative.

Voted that the aforesaid committee (viz) Joseph Gerrish Esq, William Ilsley, John Cofiin, Tristram Little, Joseph Noyes shall have power to draw the money from Mr Daniel Hale aforesaid Treasurer to pay the necessary charges that the said proprietors shall be at in bringing forward the settlement of said plantation this put to vote by the moderator and passed on the affirmative.”

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