The First School

At this first annual meeting after the organization of the town, an appropriation of thirty pounds was made for a school, to be kept two months. The teacher employed was Mr. Varney, who had preached for a short time after the death of Eev. Mr. Stevens. He was the first teacher employed in the town. If a school was taught prior to this date, it was a private affair. Probably none was taught, and the instruction received by the children was given by their parents. The hardships had been too great, and the country too much disturbed by the frequent Indian alarms and the marchings to and from Ticonderoga and Crown Point, to admit of any organized effort in educational matters. It is gratifying to know that almost the first appropriation of the town was for public instruction. It was a significant indication of its future prosperity.

A committee was chosen, consisting of Eichard Blood and John Webster, for the purpose thus set forth :

” To call the Committee to an account what they have Don with the Income of the Parsonage and School Land Savril year Past & to give an account to the selectmen of the same.”

Voted, ” that Joseph Eastman, John Blanders and Moses Call settle accounts with Mr. Scales for preaching.”

Voted, ” that the selectmen settle with the constable & pay him as much upon the Bound for gathering Rates as is customary in other towns.”


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