The Second Fort

The chief item of interest in the call for the annual meeting of the proprietors was the erection of a second fort. The meeting was held May 20, and the following vote was passed :

” Voted to raise £200 old tenor to be laid out in a building a garrison or fort; to be built forthwith and to be set on Samuel Gerrish’s lot which was originally laid out unto Richard Greenough said fort to be one hundred & ten feet Square or otherwise as the committee shall Judge allowing said building to cover the land.”

The sum of £100 was raised to fortify Rev. Mr. Stevens’s house.

This second fort was erected on the hill near the house occupied by Prof. Jackman. Mr. Stevens’s house stood upon the site of that at present occupied by Mr. Jacob Hosmer.

Messrs. Stephen Gerrish, Jacob Planders, and Richard Jackman were placed in charge of the work. It is probable that this fortification stood on the site of the smaller fort, erected during the previous troubles, on Mr. Jackman’s land.

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